Top Gear USA

I was the first person to say that no US network could do the name Top Gear justice, but History channel has gone and proven me wrong. The first couple episodes were a little shaky (what show has everything from the first one though right?), but Top Gear USA has really started to come into it's own.

You can find the show in several places.

Several episodes can be had streaming on

If you want to download them all in either SD or HD is still the best place to go.


I have Top Gear streaming on my site I did the same thing that you did with MegaVideo. I don't understand how the BBC deems pasting embed code illegal? At least they are finally showing current episodes of Top Gear here in the US. Episode 1 of Season 16 is airing on Feb. 7th!

their problem with me is that I was hosting the videos directly on my servers, megavideo stopped allowing me to host the videos there after I started getting significant traffic.

Miss your old site. You had a complete catalogue of the Top Gear shows from the very beginning that still is not available anywhere else. BBBC lawyers must have scared the crap out of you. Thanks for your previous efforts anyway.