Alternatives for Top Gear

You are best off to just download the episodes yourself as opposed to watching them online.

The #1 source for Top Gear downloads is You can get all the episodes the day they come out. If you aren't a big fan of torrents, use a free account at and have them download the torrents for you.


I am so sad since the site went down. I was such a big fan of the efforts you were putting into bringing Top Gear to the rest of the world. I was a regular on this site. You should bring the site back. I mean start something like final gear, and also give "links" to streaming videos. Heck don't give into BBC. At least bring the software section and fifth gear section back online, and see where you can go from there. Bring back the hope to millions of fans of this website.


Whats going on everyone
Hessmo has been there to fill my cravings of Top Gear like youtube never could,
from the start. But as we all know the bbc didn't leave this site the hell alone.
Now as before I must find a way to get around and find the new episodes that just came out!!
Well since I love Hessmo soooooo00000000000000000000000000000 much; and you did visit it
I'll tell you where to find almost every single episode of Top Gear... the one with Jeremy, Dick, and James

as for the when... pretty much by 9 or 10 on Sundays its up but sometimes way earlier than that
and if you search... Top Gear Season 16 Three Wise Men Special works
and to Hessmo's site owner,
Dude thanks for keeping up this site
I just hope that I helped somebody out there find their Top Gear =[)


Fezzz Chachoz