Site is down

Because of mounting and very real legal pressure, the site is and will remain down.

We had a good run, and I hope that you guys continue to pressure the BBC to allow it's worldwide fans to get a full strength episodes of Top Gear (and not years behind).


What's the word? Forum on the way? Plans?

Unfortunately, I was forced to aggre to never participate in the distribution of Top Gear again, so I don't have any plans for this domain other than what it is already. The best Top Gear forums have and continue to be at

Hey man, when you had this sucker running full speed I thought it was perfect due to diversity... all shows from Richard Hammond, James May (haha Oz), and Jeremy's off the wall shows like Speed or meet the neighbors made this for an excellent location second to none. I can understand what these fools over at BBC were trying to protect, their jobs. I adored this site man, every Sunday my buddies would all come to my dorm room and watch the new TG on Hessmo not only because Ball State University doesn't have BBC2 or anything remotely awesome (except for Manswers, but thats about as long as the list gets), but because we felt that we needed to support the little guys and not the faceless corporations. What I'm really trying to say is~Good luck brotha~
I hope at least now you have your health, and time for your girlfriend holmz.
I don't hate you brought the site down
it had to be done
I do however appreciate your efforts to provide to the little guys (tv george)

Enjoy life Broski,

Fezzz Chachoz

~life is a song~
~love is the music~

i really love Top Gear but i cant watch it on bbc because for the whole last year bbc stops coming on our tv network.SO i watch top gear on Hessmo its bad bbc take down Hessmo. im u supporter bro